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    • This Established Sign can be hung on any chicken coop. This Art Sign can be used indoor or outdoor. Great to add to any coop house. If chickens could read... Featuring a design that's sure to ruffle some feathers (but in a good way!), this Established Sign is a cluckin' perfect addition to any chicken coop. Whether your feathered friends prefer to roost indoors or peck around outside, it's always a good idea to spruce up their living space with some stylish decor (we hear it helps them lay better eggs). And who knows, maybe they'll enjoy the witty pun you snuck in there - if chickens could read, they'd surely be cackling at this one!

      Quality 14 Gauge Steel (about the thickness of a nickel)
      Made in Tennessee by Tennessee Craftsman!
      For indoor or outdoor use.
      Mounting hardware not included.

      Measures approximately: 8" tall by 15.5" wide

      Please note that all products are made by EvyAnn Designs and made for the sole purpose of artistic decor. Our products are made of wood, acrylic, or steel and some have sharp points. Our products are not designed to be used by children.


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